1.21.18 – The Invitation of a Lifetime

Growth Group Questions for the week of Sunday, January 21, 2018

  1. In the biblical story that this week’s message focused on, Mark 1:14-20, Jesus invited his first disciples to come and follow him. Share a moment from your life where you were extended an invitation that you were really proud of. Can you recall any moments where you were hoping for an invitation to something but never received one?
  2. As a group, take a moment to revisit and remember this week’s preaching text together, Mark 1:14-20. What is something from the story that catches your attention?
  3. Of all the people in the world that Jesus could’ve invited to follow him first, he chose four fishermen. Why do you think he chose them? If you were looking to establish a new kingdom on earth, what kinds of people would you recruit to help you?
  4. In Luke’s gospel, the story of Jesus recruiting his first disciples is a bit different than Mark’s account. Take a moment to read Luke’s version in Luke 5:1-11 and discuss the differences.
  5. When we encounter places in the scriptures like these two, where stories differ a bit, how can we account for and understand the differences?
  6. In thinking back to Mark’s story, one of the ways that Jesus operated differently than other teachers of the time was that he pursued the disciples instead of waiting for them to pursue him. What can we learn about God through Jesus from this moment? What might be some situations in life where this story might be a valuable reminder?
  7. For both sets of brothers in the text, following Jesus meant making a couple of big decisions. One of those decisions was choosing to follow Jesus in a life altering way. Has/does your commitment to follow Jesus alter your life? What’s something practical you can do between now and the next time we meet to give God more influence in your life?
  8. A second big decision the brothers in Mark’s text made was choosing to leave some things behind in order to pursue Jesus. Do you think leaving things behind is a one time thing, or is it a practice we should revisit and rethink throughout our journey?
  9. As you close your group time in prayer, spend a few silent moments reflecting on this last question: what might be something that Jesus is inviting me to leave behind so that I might follow him in a new and closer way?