10.7.18 – Your Heart

  1. What is or has been one of your most treasured possessions?
  2.  Was there any one thing that you most agreed with or disagreed with from Sunday’s message? What was it and why?
    When it comes to money, a proper attitude and perspective is vital. Each of the following Scriptures speaks of an attitude we need to have or avoid when it comes to money. Read each one and then jot what it says in your own words.
    Proverbs 13:11
    Acts 8:20
    2 Kings 12:4
    Luke 16:14-15
    I Timothy 3:3
    I Timothy 6:10
    Ecclesiastes 5:10
    Psalm 15:5
    Matthew 6:21
    I Chronicles 29:12-14
    Proverbs 11:25

a. Which one of these attitudes comes easiest to you?

b. Which ones have you struggled with the most?

4. When the Bible talks about being ‘blessed’, what might those blessings look like?

5. You may or may not be a 10% giver now, but discuss as a group what it might
look like to eventually get there?