2.18.18 – The Father’s Heart


  1. What is the most valuable thing you have ever lost? Found?
  2. Which of the characters in the story of the lost sons do you most identify with—and why? (a) The father  (b) The rebel son, (c) The “good” brother, (d) The friends at the party, (e) Another character
  3. In Luke 15 Jesus tells three stories to reveal His heart and His Father’s heart. What might the following stories He also told in the Gospel of Luke reveal about the heart of God?
    1. Luke 10:25-37
    2. Luke 13:10-17
    3. Luke 18:9-14
  4. If a friend asked you to describe God’s heart in a just a few words, how do you think God would like you to describe Him to your friend?
  5. How would you like people to describe your heart?
  6. Do you agree or disagree with the statement, that as followers of Jesus we should ‘fish for people’ and ‘seek after the lost’? Why?
  7. On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 = no/never and 10 = yes/always) how would you describe yourself?

I have the Father’s heart for lost people:


I share my faith or Jesus with people:


I pray for my friends and family who do not follow Jesus:


  1. What is one thing I can do this week to move one place up the scale in having the Father’s heart and/or sharing my faith with other people?
  2. Pray for someone who has not accepted or follows Jesus.