2.25.18 – Qualifications of a Follower


1. Have you ever considered God’s view of you and your potential rather than your limited view of yourself?
2. If Jesus has such a high view of who we can become why is it that we often sell ourselves short?
3. Is there a meaningful difference today between what it means to be a (cognitive) believer in Jesus Christ and what it means to be a (submitted) “follow me” disciple of Jesus? To help in answering this question, consider how you have embrace, or not embraced Jesus’ authoritative teaching in the Sermon on the Mount. (Review and skim over Matthew 5-7)
4. We live in world and culture of no moral absolutes where each person chooses what they feel is moral or immoral for them. How might this world view impact the view of the authority of Scripture (the Bible) for us who profess to be Christians?
5. Contrast total surrender to the authority of Jesus with partial surrender, an occasional surrender, convenient surrender, or a token surrender to Jesus. How would you assess your willingness factor in regards to surrendering to the authority of God’s Word in all areas of your life?
6. Are there any areas of your life that are either off limits, or have not been submitted (surrendered) to the Lordship authority of Jesus Christ? What are they and why are they off limits? i.e. career, marriage, dating, finances, tithing, future, submitting to authority, etc.
7. What thoughts have really challenged you in this discussion and message? What do you feel the Holy Spirit might be prompting you to do?