3.18.18 – How a Follower Faces Opposition

1. How do you naturally deal with opposition? A. I walk away. B. I face it head on. C. I put it off for as long as possible. D. I talk to others about it but not to the person himself/herself. E. Depends.
2. How does opposition make me feel? A. Anxious B. Frustrated C. Angry D. In control E. Out of control
3. Glance at Matthew 23:13-39. How did Jesus respond to the Pharisees and Teachers of the Law?
4. Read Luke 20:1-8. How did Jesus face the opposition to his authority?
5. Read Luke 22:47-51. How did Jesus respond to his betrayer and his false arrest?
6. Read Mark 14:57-65. How did Jesus respond to the opposition of his accusers who falsely testified against Jesus?
7. Read Mark 15:1-5. How did Jesus respond to the judge who held his fate?
8. The assumption as a Christian is that Jesus always responded appropriately. Just because He responded appropriately in every situation, did the result of His response always work out for Him? Discuss.
9. Are there any principles we can learn from Jesus on how to respond to opposition we face from critics, accusers, those in authority, etc.?
10. If we respond appropriately to our opposition, will it always work out for us?
11. Discuss. What is your hammer? i.e. Logic, pride, control, anger, blame, bitterness, resentment, etc.
12. What makes it hard for you to put your ‘hammer’ down?