3.4.18 – The Cost of a Follower


  1. What has been one of your most difficult decisions that you had to weigh the cost(s) of that decision?
  2. What helped you to make that decision? Or Did you regret the decision?
  3. Read as a group the following two passages of Scripture: Luke 14:25-33 and Ephesians 2:8-9.
  4. Is there a tension or struggle with these two statements:   Salvation through Jesus Christ is free!  2.  There is a cost to following Jesus!  Discuss this tension, if any, together as a group.
  5. In following Jesus, how would you describe the characteristics of ‘the crowd’? ‘A disciple’?
  6. What do you feel are some of the costs of being a disciple or follower of Christ?
  7. How do you feel about the statement pastor made today that we are in a war?
  8. What battles do you feel as a Christian are too important and that you cannot afford to lose?
  9. What is one commitment you made today that you want to share with your group?