9.16.18 – Who Is Jesus?

Growth Group QUESTIONS:

  1. Pastor Kent gave some statistics in the message today. One statistic he did not share was something the majority of Americans, regardless of age or demographics, worry about today.  What do you think the majority of Americans worry about today and why?  (A correct answer is not important)
  2. How do you think the people around you at work or school would answer the question, “Who is Jesus?” What percentage would you guess or estimate AT your work or school would have given this question some thought?
  3. If Pastor Kent had really proclaimed to be the Way, the Truth, and the Life, how do you think you would have felt or responded? Does this give you any new insight to how the Pharisees and religious leaders might have felt?
  4. Read John 7:25-44.
    1. What were the many different questions raised by the crowd of people following Jesus?
    2. What problems or controversies can you identify in this passage?
    3. What were the different responses people had regarding the question, “Who is Jesus?”
    4. What advantages or disadvantages did the people of Jesus’ day have over us?
    5. What advantages or disadvantages do we have over the people of Jesus’ day?
    6. Is there anything you read in this passage that stands out to you or really grabbed your attention?
  5. Why do you think or not think the question of “Who is Jesus?” is an important question for a person to answer?
  6. If you were to preach the follow-up message to Sunday, what would be your focus?