This Changes Everything – Hope


1. Share a time where either you were well prepared, confident and felt like you were thriving or a time you were unprepared and just felt like you were trying to survive.

2. What are some things that drain you? What are some things that fuel you?

3. Read Exodus 18:13-27 and Acts 6:1-7. What stands out to you in these two passages? Is there anything that would be applicable to your work, life, or current situation?

4. Pastor Kent in the message Sunday listed 5 ways to refuel our hope supported by Scripture. Of those five, which one comes to you most naturally or easily? Which one is hardest or most unnatural for you? Discuss with your group.

5. What are some things that we (you, me, people in general) struggle with or often put our hope in other than the Lord?

6. What one thing really spoke to you today more than any other thing? What is one thing you sense God speaking to you to do to put your hope in the Lord?

7. The Scriptures are clear that we are to ‘carry each other’s burdens’ and to ‘rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn’. Before you pray as a group for one another, take time for each person to share if they are tired and running on empty or refueled and charged up. For those in a good season rejoice and praise God together! For those in your group in a dry season (running on empty), help carry their burdens by taking it to the Lord in prayer.