This Changes Everything – Love


  1. Describe or tell of a ‘perfect’ day for you.

2. Describe or tell of a ‘bad’ day for you.

3. What is something or an event that changed everything?

In today’s message the creation story reminded us that God’s creation was perfect and it was for our good and His glory.  Read about the Fall of Creation in Genesis 3:1-24 for the following questions:

4. The serpent (Satan) was described as ‘more crafty’. You may not be tempted by eating forbidden fruit (apple) today, but in what ways is Satan ‘crafty’ today in tempting us with forbidden things?

5. In what ways in your lifetime have you bought into the lies that God is holding out on you?

6. Have you ever allowed those lies to lead you to disobeying God’s commands and following your own will and desires instead?

7. What excuses do we make for sin? What things do men (women, us) rationalize about sin

8. Adam and Eve tried to hide from God. In what ways have we tried to hide from God?

9. God’s answer for our sin problem was Jesus dying and paying the price of our sin so that we could be ‘born again’ (start over).  If you have been ‘born again’, take some time to share with your growth group your ‘born again’ experience.

10. If you have not been ‘born again’, now is a great time to be ‘born again’ (start over) by asking Jesus to forgive you of your sins, receive His grace and love, and start following Him. If you do tell your group.

11. Pray and consider how God might want you to share with others at your work, school, neighborhood, and community your experience with Jesus.

12. Read Matthew 22:36-40: Pastor Kent gave two action steps, one of them being to “show God’s love. How will you show Gods Love this week?