This Changes Everything – Repentance

  1. The title of this week’s message was, “Repentance Changes Everything”. What comes to mind when you hear the word “repentance”?
  2. When and how have you encountered the word “repent” or “repentance” over the course of your life?
  3. In terms of regular conversation, “repent” and it’s derivatives have become pretty uncommon these days. If a friend, with little to no religious background, approached you and asked you what the word meant, how would you explain it to them?
  4. Revisit Sunday’s preaching text, Luke 5:27-32. What grabs your attention in the story? Which character would you love to have coffee with and why? What kinds of questions would you ask them and what kind of information would you hope to learn?
  5. Life-changing repentance for Levi meant choosing and acting decisively as well as intentionally moving closer to Jesus. Share about a repentant moment you’ve experienced along your journey. How was it similar and dissimilar from Levi’s story?
  6. Obviously, the Pharisees and religious crowd are portrayed as the not-so-good guys in the story. They’re pictured as distant, judgmental, and super out-of-touch. How do you feel the Church in general of today compares to their example? What about Hutch 1st Naz?
  7. While this may have been the most significant moment of repentance in Levi’s life, there were most certainly other moments where he fell short in his efforts of following Jesus and he was again faced with the need to repent. Might there be thoughts, attitudes, actions or habits that you need to turn from and repent of? During your group’s closing prayer time, spend a few silent and reflective moments inviting God to search you and help you repent of anything in your life that’s displeasing to him.