2.10.19 – The Day It All Went Wrong


  1. Did you like history in school or did you find it to be a drag?  Give a brief explanation to your answer.
  2. What was one thing from the message that you found to be helpful?
  3. What was one thing from the message that you found to be troubling, confusing, or could have used further or clearer explanation?
  4. In what ways do people, maybe even you at times, question God’s Word or Love?
  5. If you have a smart phone device, search the Bible App or even Google for the phrase “Tree of Life”.  Where does “Tree of Life” show up in the Bible?  Why do you think “Tree of Life” shows up where it does in the Bible?
  6. Read again from Sunday, Genesis 2:15-16.  Why do you think God had these two specific trees or what purpose do you think they served?
  7. Read Genesis 3:22-24.  What do you think about the pronounced judgment in these three verses?  Do you think they were fair?
  8. Read Revelation 22.  What came to the surface of your thinking while reading this chapter? 
  9. Is there anything that you heard in the message or from the discussion of your group that challenges you to think or live differently?