3.3.19 – Abraham & Lot

  1. Share your favorite journey (vacation or trip) that you took as a child, with your wife, with your family, a youth trip, or mission trip.  What made it so memorable?  Did you encounter any challenges along the way?

Read Genesis 13:1-8. 

2. Think of a time when you were with extended family or friends under the same roof for an extended period of time, i.e. Christmas, Thanksgiving, or a vacation.  How did the relations progress or digress as the days or week went on?  Were there ever any differences or disagreements that had to be worked out?

  • Abram and Lot’s families were living too close together.  Abram the elder uncle to Lot proposed they go separate ways and he deferred first choice to Lot. 
  •  Do you think this is the decision most people would make facing the same situation?  Why or why not?
  • Were there any risks to Abram’s proposal?
  • Were there any rewards?
  • Is there any application or wisdom we can gain for situations that we face with our spouse, family, church, work, or school?

3. We have all at some time made choices like Lot in our lives, choosing ourselves first, making a decision by appearances, or choosing to live near sin. I know this is being a little vulnerable, but if you can, share a time in your past that you either chose yourself first, made a decision only by appearances, or chose to live near sin. What things did you learn from that experience that you would want to share to help someone’s journey?

4. What is one question or idea you would like to discuss about the message from Sunday that has not been a question or a part of this discussion?

5. Some food for thought this week: We saw from the story today the start of the consequences that Lot faced living close to sin. Think about the outcome of people you have observed in life and maybe even your own life when the choice was made consciously or unconsciously (not thinking) to live close to sin. But also consider the promises Abram received walking in faith with God?  Read Genesis 13:14-18. Consider the promises, protections, and blessings that come in walking with God.  Think about how you can build ‘altars’ (I’m yours Lord) and ‘worship’ along the turns and intersections of your life’s journey.