4.28.19 – Repentance Changes Everything

  1. Why do we fear failure?
  2.  Can failure be useful?  Can you think of any examples in your life or the life of others that resulted in something positive?
  3.   If you have ever experienced a significant failure, what did you   learn about yourself or others through that experience?
  4.   Read John 21:12-22 and see how Jesus responded to Peter after his betrayal and Resurrection:
    1. What do you think Jesus’ primary objective is in his questioning of Peter?
    2. How does Peter respond?
    3. What is the end result of the conversation?  What does Jesus want from Peter?  What does Jesus want Peter to do?
  5.   Think about one of your own personal failures.  Based on how Jesus responded to Peter, how do you feel Jesus would respond to you?  What would that conversation look like? 
  6.   How do you feel Jesus wants you to respond to failure?
  7.   As a group think about the great men and women of the Bible.  Can you recall any failures that might have had?  Did these failures stop God from using them?
  8.   Personal Reflection:  How might God want to use your failures and the failures committed by others against you to ‘strengthen your brothers and sisters?”
  9.   Pray for each other!