5.26.19 – My Commitments Today Change Everything

1. Pastor Kent indicated in his message Sunday that we live in a world that is low on commitment. From your experiences, do you agree or disagree with that statement? Why?
2. Who is the best example of someone in your life who has modeled the value of commitment to you? What did you observe that made them a person of commitment?
3. What things make commitments challenging?
Read Numbers 13:1-3; 17-20; 25-33; Numbers 14:1-12 before discussing the following questions:
4. What was the mission God gave to Moses to pass on to the men of Israel?
5. What did these men discover from their mission?
6. How did the leaders Moses picked respond to Moses and the people?
7. How did the people respond to Moses and the leaders?
8. How did Moses, Aaron, Joshua, and Caleb respond to the leaders and the people?
9. What lessons can you discern about commitment from this passage of Scripture?
10. What applications to your own life can you take away from this story?
11. Now that Summer is upon us, what has your commitment to being in a Growth Group met to you this past year? What has made it challenging? What has made it rewarding?