9.9.18 – Christian Fellowship

1. Take a few minutes to establish a few expectations, rules, and guidelines for your group. (i.e. Starting and ending times, confidentiality, food/snacks or not, etc.)

2. What was the highlight of your summer?

3. Describe a time you were lost or directionally challenged.

4. Share a time someone (a spouse, parent, friend, etc.) helped you get through a difficult circumstance or situation.

5. Read the following Bible passages: Acts 2:42-47; Hebrews 10:23-25; Hebrew 3:12-14. Name and discuss the responsibilities and benefits that you find in these three passages.

6. In the message Sunday a few studies were given sharing the importance of relationship and connectedness. What are some of the things that make it difficult and challenging to connect with other people?

7. John Maxwell was quoted as saying, “The difference between who you are today and who you will be in five years will be the people you spend time with and the books you read.” Discuss how you have experienced this to be true or not true in your life.

8. If time is still available, share one or two things you hope to gain from being a part of this group for the next 9 weeks.

9. Pray for each other.