A Word from Pastor Kent

Hey Prime Timers!  Are you tired of bad news?  I am and I bet you are as well!  So each month, my goal is to share with you good news.  The news and media have enough bad news to last us for 100 lifetimes. 

Since I last wrote in this newsletter we have begun to open up our on sight services.  It has been so good to see some of your faces!  That’s good news.  We have a new high school youth pastor, Brandon and Caityln Conrad.  That’s really good news!  I’ve had the privilege, but also the responsibility of being the interim high school youth pastor the last nine months.  My goal was just to not let the high school completely fall apart and selfishly for my senior in high school, Rylie, to love come to church and youth group.  I think that goal was accomplished as we had averaged about 25 to 30 high school students every Wednesday night.  However, the last two Wednesdays for Pastor Brandon’s first two weeks, we have had 54 and 55 high school students!  Two of my neighbors that are sophomores came the first week and brought two more friends with them the second week.  That’s great news!  Two weeks ago we had nearly 100 students between our high school and middle school ministries!  Friends, we would not be here without you!  Your faithfulness in the past and your faithfulness in the present allows us to be a church that reaches the next generation!  That’s great news!  Finally, Pastor Brandon’s mother-in-law, visited from Missouri last week in both of our services and she went on and on about how friendly our people were to her and especially our seniors!  That’s good news!

LUNU (Love You Need You)! Pastor Kent