Glenda’s Gems

I’m hoping that many of you will venture back into church, but please do what you feel is the “right thing” for you. It doesn’t feel right yet and I’m still looking forward to the day when I can freely visit with you without these face coverings! If you look into my eyes, I want you to know that I smile when I see you.

My love overflows when I think of the joy you have brought into my life. When I come into the door of Hutchinson First Nazarene, I feel I am “home.” Five years ago, when Bob and I made the move to come here, you opened your arms and loved us like we had always belonged here. When we came into the sanctuary, Roland and Ora Lee Dirks, Bob and Rozan Wilson, and many others welcomed us and began loving us on the first Sunday we attended. You are truly my loved ones, my family, and Bob and I both love you with an agape love!

I hope many of you will come to some the activities and help us bond together again. As I was felt loved from day one, so shall I do my best to show that love to each of you, each time we’re together.

A couple of months ago I was rocking my 3 year old grandson because he had fallen and hurt his knee. We rocked for about 20 minutes and I said, “Ari, are you ready to get down?” and he replied so quietly, “No Grammy, I’m still sad.” My heart was filled with love for that little boy, just as I love each of you. And I say, “No my friends, I’m still sad.” I look forward to the time when I can hold you close and hug you and hope you know that the love at Hutchinson First Nazarene is still alive and strong.

I read this funny comment which fits our situation. “This too shall pass. It might pass like a kidney stone. But it will pass.” As the kids say “LOL.”

Love you, Glenda