Glenda’s Gems

It is so good to be back in church with so many of you, yet I am missing my dear friends who are rightfully protecting themselves…but I still miss you.  This month brought my son from New Hampshire home for a visit.  He has a sweet 8 year old son Jacob, who got to play with his cousins from Oklahoma.  The cousins, ages 4 and 6 years, had not been out of the house to play with anyone since the pandemic began. They played for the 3 days that they were together.  And, they sobbed for the first 30 minutes after leaving, for they knew it would be a long time before they would get to see Cousin Jacob again.  That is how I feel about not getting to see some of you.  I know I would just want to hug you and hang onto you enjoying our time together, but even that is a no, no.  

     I have began to praise God for this time, it has had its ups and downs, but I know that I have grown spiritually.  I’m learning how trust God and to be His hand extended in different ways. As believers we know the value of crying out to God for help and hope. The Bible tells us often that God cares for those who need his help.  I love the song, “Your love compels me Lord to give as you would give…to love, to serve.  I would like to visit with you in your home and as soon as we feel it is safe, I will be visiting again. So until we are brought together again, I am here remembering you,  my dear friends and family of God.   Love you, Glenda

 James 5:8   You too, be patient and stand firm.