Group Questions: April 26

Read Philippians 1:12-26

How have you seen someone live through suffering with the same courage as Paul?

Was that courage inspiring to you? How can this type of courage be contagious?

This is an obvious question but, (be specific) what “chains” imprison you today? How has your attitude been with those “chains”?

Why was it so easy for Paul to stay focused on his mission to share the Gospel rather than his circumstance? How is our mission different today?

What were your expectations for the Christian life when you first met Jesus? What is the reality of your Christian life now? What should your Christian life look like when seen with Paul’s perspective?

With every life event there are choices. In many areas of your life, those choices can either move you forward or backward in life. How are you doing in this life event? Are your thoughts making you better or bitter? How is your health, both physical and mental? How are your relationships with those closest to you? Most importantly, how is your spiritual health? Have you drawn closer to God in this time?