Group Questions: Community

  1. This series has been about three important aspects of a Christian’s life, comparing them to the three legs of a stool, if one leg is missing the Christian life is unbalanced. What are these “Three Legs” and which one is easiest for you? Which one is the hardest?
  2. Talk about a hard time in your life when you felt like you had to face it alone.
  3. Our motto for Life Groups is “Keep everyone known, connected, and cared for.” How has your group fulfilled this in your life?
  4. What stood out to you from the Life Group video shown in service on Sunday? Do you think this group was prepared for what was to come? How did you see God’s hand at work in it?
  5. Read 1 Thessalonians 5:11, Ecclesiastes 4:9-10, and Philippians 2:1-4. What stands out to you in these passages? Why do you think God has put such an emphasis on living in community with other believers?
  6. Pastor Kent talks about the trappings of a “culture of me” in the Christian life. How can your Life Group be about “we” instead of “me”?