Group Questions: Didn’t See This Coming

Take some time to honestly talk about how this national crisis is affecting you and your family. 

Talk about a time, good or bad, that you didn’t see coming.
Read Isaiah 55:8-9. Pastor Kent asks us a question, “What is the focus of our prayers, our kingdom or his?” Even the disciples only saw what they wanted to see. Why is it sometimes so hard to see past what’s right in front of us and focus on what God is doing?

What are some things we can do to get our vision aligned with God’s, especially in times like this?

Read John 1:1-18. God often works in ways man does not see coming. We see this from Jesus’ birth all the way through his life, death, and resurrection.

Take a few minutes and dream about all the good that God can do at this time. How can his kingdom be advanced? How can we be part of that advancement?