Group Questions: For Your Community

• Luke 15: 11-32 Jesus shares the Parable of the Lost Son. In this well-known story, the younger of two sons demands his share of the inheritance before his dad passes. He then runs away and squanders all of it and becoming poor. The son returns humbled and is met by a loving father and a welcome home celebration. Read Luke 15:25-32

• Who does your heart break for, the younger or older brother? Why?      

• Like this older brother, we sometimes think only of ourselves. How does this passage relate to the way we look at church services?

• If the older brother could see this moment with his father’s eyes, how would it have changed his response? 

• If we as Christians could see with our Heavenly Father’s eyes, how would it change the way we view both church and our daily lives?

• Pastor Kent asks two simple questions. let’s answer them together.
     What do we want our church to be known for? 
     What is our church know for? 
     How do we get to the point where those two answers line up?