Group Questions: Give First


  1. What was your favorite memory from this Summer?
  2. What was the most meaningful thing you did or experienced this Summer?
  3. From our sermon series, FIRST, what is the easiest ‘First’ for you to practice and why?  A.  Pray  B.  Worship/Praise  C.  Serve  D.  Give
  4. What from the message Sunday stood out to you or what did you find to be most helpful?
  5. Was there anything you disagreed with from the message?
  6. Read 2 Corinthians 8:1-15:
  7. Who was the Apostle Paul writing to?  Who was his audience?
  8. Who did Paul brag about and use as an example?
  9. What were some things Paul encouraged the Corinthian church to do?
  10. What role or purpose do you believe God has for our giving or generosity?
  11. What did Paul say he didn’t want to see happen from our giving?
  12. Is there anyone we know as a group that together we could generously do something to help them with a need?
  13. What, if any, decisions did I make about putting God first in my life?  (This question may be too personal and it is ok to just ask the question for personal reflection)