Group Questions: Halftime

We believe that deep relationship with other followers of Jesus is an important part of our journey. Take a few minutes and talk about what your Life Group has meant to you.

Read Hebrews 10:23-25

It reads “Spur one another on toward love and good deeds.” What does that look like in a Life Group setting? How do we “Spur,” or as the NLT puts it “Motivate” each other?

What do those “love and good deeds” look like when they are poured out on people inside the church, inside your group?

Those “love and good deeds” are to be spread everywhere you find yourself, that’s where the 4 you’re FOR comes in. It’s just a tool to help you be intentional with your “love and good deeds.” To Identify those people who need Jesus around you and show them that you are FOR them. What are some ways you can be FOR your 4? Remember, no one wants to be a project.

We know that just identifying four people can be overwhelming. Let’s try to work through some of the roadblocks together.

Let’s be honest, some people may not have people in their life who are far from God. Do you have non-Christian people who are friends, coworkers or family? If you do, where do they fit in your life? If you do not, where are the areas in your life some may be found?

What are the roadblocks that keep you from identifying your 4? Some of these roadblocks take courage to overcome, some of them may take broadening your sphere of influence. How can your roadblocks best be overcome?

If four people seems overwhelming, don’t think you need to identify them all at once. We can take this one person at a time and fill in the blanks as you identify your four.

Pastor Kent gives us the PIT strategy. Pray, Identify and Take action. Where are you currently in this process and what commitment can you make for this week? In the spirit of “spurring one another on” we would like everyone to answer here.