Group Questions: Kingdom of Mercy

• What is your favorite pizza? What topping should never be put on a pizza?

• Pastor Kent starts the message off by talking about heaven, in your mind, what is heaven like?

• Pastor Kent makes a simple statement, “What’s most important to Jesus should be high on our list of what’s important to us.” What are some areas that should climb the list of importance in our lives because of how Jesus feels about it?

• Read Matthew 18:21-35 and Matthew 6:14.           

  • What is the lesson from both these passages about mercy?           
  • Why do we tend to want mercy shown to us but find it hard to always give it away?           
  • What are some great examples of mercy you have witnessed?           
  • What are some practical steps to showing mercy in your life?

• What else stood out to you in this weeks message?