Group Questions: May 3

Read Philippians 1, 27-30

Pastor Kent compares the end of chapter 1 to a call to arms? How is the life of a follower of Jesus like that of a soldier?

What does it mean to conduct yourself in a manner worthy of the Gospel? What comes to mind when you think of “worthy of the Gospel”?

Let’s all take an honest look into our hearts, have you been married to your mission given by Jesus, or have you been married to the methods that make you comfortable? What is the mission of followers of Jesus, what are examples of methods that help us carry out that mission?

Can you give examples of different methods through the history of the church? Why do we tend to get stuck on method over mission, even if the method no longer works for the mission?

One Church, One Mission! If our church truly takes on this motto, what is possible? How will our church be better? How will our community be better?