Group Questions: No Matter What

Kent compares life to an exercise bike, “Pedaling hard but getting nowhere!” Forest Gump compares it to a “Box of Chocolates”. What object would you compare life to during this crisis?

What about before the crisis?

What would you like to compare life to after the crisis?

How would you define joy? What brings you joy personally? What brought Paul Joy

Read Philippians 1:1-11

Give an example of a Christian, or group of Christians that bring Joy to your mind when you think of them. Has there been a time when their company and joy brought you peace in a hard situation?

In vs 5, Paul talks about his “partnership in the gospel” with the Philippian Church.

What does a “partnership in the gospel” look like? What must we have in common, what mindset must we have to live out this type of partnership?

What do you see when you look at the American Church today? Do you see a “partnership in the gospel” built on mission or a consumer mentality built on preference? How do you think the crisis today will change that mentality?

 Pastor Kent talks about seeing people for their potential and not their present position. That God is still working on all of us. How can keeping vs 6 in the front of our mind change the way we look at others? How we look at ourselves?

Describe in your own words Paul’s prayer for the church in Philippi. Do you pray for others the way that Paul prays for the Philippian church?  How would this bring you confidence to know that others are praying for you in this way?