Group Questions: Serve

  1. Describe a time that someone went the extra mile to serve you. 
  2. Share a time that you served that brought you great joy and fulfillment.
  3. Read John 13:12-17
  4. Washing feet was a social norm of Jesus’ day, but not so much today where everyone wears shoes, enjoys clean sidewalks and parking lost, etc.  Describe the attitude and heart in which Jesus served.
  5. What was the attitude of Jesus’ disciples?
  6. Read Philippians 2:3-4 What are some obstacles we encounter in serving both internally and externally?
  7. Washing is not a practical way to serve people today, but what are some practical ways we can serve others at work, school, church, and in our community?
  8. Why do you serve?  Why do you not serve?