Group Questions: Which Chair Are You In

The following words describe the heart of David as seen in his own writings: Reverent (Ps 18:3), Respectful (Ps 31:9), Trusting (Ps 27:1), Loving (Ps 18:1), Devoted/King (Ps 4:7), Faithful (Ps 23:6), Repentant (Ps 25:11), Obedient (Ps 119:34). Read a few of the verses noted. Which of these areas need your greatest attention?

Solomon represents compromise. In life, we might compromise over matters which are not important. (color of car, clothing choices, food, etc.) What are some of the areas (good or bad) where we should not be willing to compromise? (Romans 12:2)

Over time, there is a natural tendency to slide from chair 1 (committed), to chair 2 (compromise), to chair 3 (confusion). How do you see this drift personally, in family, in business, in school, and/or in church?

Which chair do you feel best represents where our culture is today? Why?

What are some intentional decisions we can make to move up to the next chair?

Discuss how we can encourage each other in these intentional decisions.