Upcoming Events


Come and enjoy the PrimeTime Breakfast on August 10th at 9:00 AM at the Sampler Restaurant.

PrimeTime Life Group meets at the Sampler Restaurant for lunch each first & third Thursday at 11:45 AM (all new folks are welcome).

“Hooray,” I’m so excited to have our first month of regular activities at the church. On the first Tuesday morning, August 4th at 10:00 AM the women will meet for “Craft and Chat,” and the men will meet for “Coffee.” Also, on the 3rd Monday evening of each month, August 17th at 6:00 PM, we will enjoy “Christian Movie Night” featuring one of the many new Christian movies. This will include freshly made hot popcorn and tea/water or you can bring a beverage of your choice.

Each Sunday night “One Accord” Bible study, which includes 10 to 15 minutes of hymn singing, will be held at the church. I know we are all glad that things are going back to some type “normal.” Social distancing will be offered (much like we have done in the sanctuary), and we ask that masks be worn when we are in closer proximity with each other.

We look forward to beginning several other Senior Adult activities. If you would like to plan or be willing to be a part of a committee to plan these events, please let us know. We will, of course have our Christmas Dinner and would like to have an early fall activity. If you have a favorite place or a suggestion that you feel we would enjoy, please let us know. Please email me at glendakk@sbcglobal.net or call me at (620) 802-8255 with questions or comments on anything. .